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The Tutor Doctor Difference 

Is In Our Values

Is How We Assess Student Needs

Over 85% of tutoring is for Maths and English. Most tutoring services just accept your view on the level of the student and then allocate a tutor.


Would you allow a medical doctor to prescribe treatment for your child without conducting a test? Tutor Doctor tests first before recommending the education solution.


Tutor Doctor utilises leading edge online assessment technology to determine the students current academic standing before making a recommendation and then uses the same technology to monitor progress.

Is How We Match Your Tutor

If your child requires Maths tutoring, not just any Maths tutor will do.


We formally assess learning styles and gain an appreciation of the personality and special issues then match a tutor that not only has strong subject knowledge but also has the right personality and empathy to connect with your student.

Is The Breadth of Our Services

Each student receives a Personalised Tutoring Plan


No one size fits all approach.


Our service is broad and we can address all the subjects in which your child needs help.

Is The Support You Receive

We support your family every step of the way by checking in regularly and providing weekly session reports.

Tutoring for All Ages, Levels & Subjects

We provide tutoring services to people of all ages, levels, and subjects. We schedule tutoring sessions at a time that's convenient to you to make the learning experience as easy as possible. Whatever the level and whatever the need, our 15+ years of one-to-one, in-home and online tutoring can help improve a student’s ability and confidence through personalised help. The tutoring services we offer include, but are not limited to, the following:


Help for every maths subject!

literacy & numeracy

Reading, Writing, essays & more!

Test Prep

Chemistry, Biology, Physics

& more

Adult Education
Uni Subjects,
Literacy & Numeracy

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